Partnership helps homeless people into work

25th February 2014

The Berkeley Foundation will invest £300,000 to help clients of the homeless charity, Crisis, find and keep a job.

Lack of work is a major cause and consequence of homelessness. Through this initiative, Berkeley and Crisis will help 144 single homeless people find employment. Crisis will help 28 homeless people into work each year, while Berkeley will provide employment opportunities for up to 20 other Crisis clients a year through the Berkeley Foundation's Job Creation Programme.

This grant takes the total amount committed by the Berkeley Foundation to tackling homelessness to over £1,000,000. In the two and a half years since the Foundation was launched, 4 partnerships have now been launched with Crisis, Shelter, Spear and No Second Night Out. They provide support through a helpline, housing advisors, web resources, skills training and research projects. So far:

  • 1,096 homeless people have been directly helped.

  • £89,000 has been raised by individual Berkeley staff doing challenge events like Vertical Rush, donating goods and sleeping rough for a night themselves.

  • 285,174 people have got access to expert advice and information helping them deal with housing problems.

Berkeley will also host one of the 'Crisis at Christmas' events this year. This will take place at the newly acquired Marco Polo House, opposite Battersea Park.

Leslie Morphy, Chief Executive Officer of Crisis said:

"Finding your way back into employment after a period of homelessness is very tough. Crisis helps people to rebuild their confidence, develop their skills and create a career path into new work. Crisis really appreciates the Berkeley Group's support with this crucial area of our work."

New Partnership with Crisis

New Partnership with Crisis

Helping people into work

Helping people into work

"What Berkeley can bring is not just money, but access to work - we have a labour force of 11,000 people." Rob Perrins, Chairman of the Berkeley Foundation.

About Crisis

1. Crisis is the national charity for single homeless people. Our purpose is to end homelessness.

2. Crisis helps people rebuild their lives through housing, health, education and employment services. We work with homeless people in nine places across the UK. Last year we worked with over 6,000 people, awarded 2,108 qualifications, supported 376 people into work, and found homes for a further 3,000.

3. Ninety seven per cent of homeless people want to work, but only two per cent have full-time employment. Crisis offers tailored support and coaching to help people move from homelessness into work and financial independence.

4. We help people decide on a career path and give them the confidence to pursue this with specialised training. We help build CVs and give mock job interviews with real firms. Then, once they get a job they want, we support our clients to ensure they keep hold of it.