Event - Arctic Biathlon

Arctic Biathlon

5th December 2014

Event - Arctic Biathlon Thumb

Raised £20,000

On the 5th December, eight intrepid participants from Berkeley Homes North East London embarked on a four day Arctic Biathlon in Sweden. Teams competed against one another on sleds led by huskies, whilst coping with temperatures up to -30oC and difficult terrain.

The teams flew out from Heathrow and almost immediately on arriving in Kiruna (Sweden's most northern city, located in the Lapland province), they harnessed their dogs and sleds and headed out to camp for the night. The next two days were packed with 40km time trials in a sled, 25km cross country skiing and ice fishing on the lake. In the evenings, the group enjoyed dinner under the Northern Lights, partaking in a Swedish quiz and a relaxing dip in the sauna after their tough day's work.

One of the Berkeley teams, The Furry Yeti's, beat the competition to win the entire Biathlon.

This event has raised an amazing £20,000 for their Designated Charity, Kids Company.