Berkeley Foundation, Making a Difference

How we make a difference

Our aim is to help young people and their communities across London and the South of England. This section tells you about the projects we invest in.


Key area - home 2

We support charities that tackle the causes of homelessness.


Key area - jobs 2

We create jobs for young, unemployed and homeless people.


Key area - skills 2

We challenge, energise and train young people for the job market.


key area - care 2

We help people to live positively with illness or disability.



Berkeley Foundation, Making a Difference, Homes

In England last year, 112,330 households applied to their local authority for homelessness assistance, a 26% rise since 2009/10. 7,851 people were reported rough sleeping in London alone, a 16% rise compared to 2013 and that figure has more than doubled in over 6 years.

Since 2011, the Berkeley Foundation has invested over one million pounds in tackling homelessness. We have worked alongside five housing and homeless charities, funding a helpline, web resources, skills training, housing advisors and research projects. Over a thousand homeless people have been individually supported. Many thousands more have got access to expert advice and information helping them deal with housing problems.