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Lack of work is a major cause and consequence of homelessness. Ninety seven per cent of homeless people want to work, but only two per cent have full-time employment.

So Crisis offers support and coaching to help homeless people into work and financial independence. They help people rebuild their lives through housing, health and education services.They help people decide on a career path and give them the confidence to pursue this with specialised training and employment services. Then, once they get a job they want, Crisis supports their clients to ensure they can keep hold of it.

Since our partnership with Crisis began, 86 clients were supported into jobs through our funding. 15 Crisis clients have found work within Berkeley Group or its supply chain through the Job Creation Programme. In total, 144 single homeless people will find employment through this initiative. Crisis is dedicated to ending homelessness by delivering services and campaigning for change.

Watch the video below to hear the story of one of them.