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When the Berkeley Foundation's Job Creation Programme launched in July 2013, Berkeley committed to creating 500 jobs for unemployed people across the lifetime of the programme.  Within two years, the Job Creation Programme has been able to successfully identify the skills and potential of more than 450 unemployed individuals and match them to a range of work opportunities within the Berkeley Group, its Supply Chain and Partner Charities.  To date, 80% of those individuals remain employed. 

The Berkeley Foundation continues to work with a wide range of provider organisations across London and the South of England to find candidates who will benefit the most from the programme.  Candidates are offered interviews, and in some instances, a work trial, before moving into employment.  As the Job Creation Programme enters its third year, it is keen to build upon the positive work of the last two years through offering Job Creation Programme candidates additional support, such as business mentoring, to ensure that the job opportunities are sustainable, as well as long term.