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Over the past four years, Shelter and the Berkeley Foundation have worked together to improve the lives of young people and families at risk of homelessness. The partnership has enabled over 3,400 people to directly access Shelter's services and a further 160,000 young people via their young person's advice webpage. The Berkeley Foundation is the most generous supporter of Shelter from the housing and construction industry and one of their top 10 corporate donors over the last decade.

Since December 2013, the partnership has focused on the Hackney Family Service. This aims to prevent families becoming homeless, and to secure affordable and safe housing for families with complex needs. The service also works with the families to help prevent homelessness in the future and address their underlying needs. We have renewed our commitment to the Hackney Family Service for a further three years.

Berkeley's staff have been involved in a host of fundraising events for Shelter. Wardrobe Relief has seen them collect over 1,000 bags of second hand goods, which were sold in Shelter shops. Over 500 staff also took part in Vertical Rush, one of the Worlds biggest tower-running events in 2013 and 2014. In 2015, Berkeley staff fundraised for Shelter at the London Marathon and Prudential Ride London, and one brave employee ran five races in four months in support of the charity.