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Shelter helps millions of people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness through their advice, support and legal services. They ambitiously campaign for a future where everyone will have a place to call home.

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The Berkeley Foundation and Shelter have been working together in partnership since 2011, to overcome the rapidly increasing issue of homelessness and bad housing. The Berkeley Foundation has been specifically funding Shelter's Hackney Family Service and Fulham Advice Centre.

Shelter's Hackney Family Service in East London offers families free, independent and expert housing advice on a range of housing topics. The service aims to prevent homelessness through early intervention and prevention and secure access for their clients to safe, affordable housing, while also working to create a package of support that will help them to address underlying causes and prevent homelessness in the long term.

The Berkeley Foundation is the largest single funder of the Hackney Family Service, providing 23% of the total funds. The Berkeley Foundation also funds Shelter's Fulham Advice service, based in the Shelter shop in Fulham. At the Fulham Advice centre, advice, support and guidance workers give both one-off and ongoing advice to anyone who is experiencing housing related issues.

Berkeley's staff have also been involved in a host of fundraising events for Shelter. Wardrobe Relief has seen them collect over 1,000 bags of second hand goods, which were sold in Shelter shops. Over 500 staff also took part in Shelter's Vertical Rush, in 2013, 2014 and 2016. Over the last two years, Berkeley staff have fundraised for Shelter at the London Marathon and Prudential Ride London, and one brave employee ran five races in four months in support of the charity.