Berkeley Foundation, Charity, Vauxhall City Farm
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Their objective is to use the setting of an urban farm and close interaction with animals to run educational, recreational and therapeutic projects. These include tours and workshops, offsite outreach visits, and a Young Farmers Club.

At the beginning of 2014, the farm became the designated charity of St James - part of the Berkeley Group. Staff are being encouraged to support the farm by becoming a 'Friend of the Farm' or taking part in the 'Adopt an Animal' scheme. In 2014 donated their time and talent, by helping with various jobs that needed doing at Vauxhall City Farm. 2015 saw staff from St James climb up the three tallest peaks in Scotland, England and Wales which raised £9,394. Vauxhall City Farm has been able to install large, new windows to a classroom at the farm with the proceeds from St James' hard fundraising work.