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Empowering Young Women into Work

The Empowering Young Women into Work funding programme supports marginalised and disadvantaged young women aged 16-30 years.

Young people aged 16-24 face the highest levels of unemployment in Britain, and young women face higher levels of unemployment and economic inactivity than young men. During the period July to September 2017, 264,000 young women were classified as NEET and economically inactive compared to 227,000 young men.

A 2017 report for the Young Women's Trust found that economically inactive young women, in particular, tend to be 'written off', and are offered limited support.

We are working with six organisations over two years to empower young women who are unemployed and for whom there is limited existing provision, to access decent and sustainable employment.

This is a one-off programme and all funding has now been allocated. There are no current plans to make any further grants under this programme.

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