Leap Confronting Conflict

Leap Confronting Conflict works with young people to make changes in their lives by gaining a greater understanding of themselves and their relationship with conflict.

Leap Triple

Many of the young people Leap works with have grown up in care, are not in mainstream education, are at risk of gang involvement and exploitation, or are caught up in the criminal justice system. In this environment, building strong, stable relationships is an important factor in ensuring positive mental health and wellbeing. To maximise impact Leap also designs training sessions and larger programmes for adult professionals that work with young people ensuring they are best placed to offer support when conflict arises.

With Berkeley Foundation's support, Leap will develop and pilot a 30 hour programme including 1:1 and group sessions, working with both young people and their adult carers. This innovative pilot project- Under Our Roof- aims to improve the longer term outcomes for young people in or leaving care by improving the ability of young people and their carers to build and maintain healthy and supportive relationships, giving them the tools to manage conflict in a constructive way. The programme aims to prevent relationship breakdown and reduce the instability in the lives of these young people.

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