Longridge Activity Centre

Longridge helps young people develop new skills in a positive, safe environment through indoor and outdoor activities.

Longridge Triple

Set in a unique riverside location near Marlow, Buckinghamshire, Longridge provides a range of exciting water sports and land-based activities aimed at all ages and all abilities.

Since 2013, over 210 young people from inner City London have visit Longridge Activity Centre through Berkeley Foundation funding. Young people were nominated to take part in this opportunity by groups including Surrey Young Carers, Helen & Douglas House Hospice, ellenor and a number of boroughs. There was a particular emphasis on including young people, who wouldn't normally have access to this sort of opportunity.

The activities, including crate-stacking, rock climbing and kayaking, are designated to build self-confidence and teach new skills in a safe but fun environment - for many of the young people, it can be their first time out of London. One quote that has stayed with the Longridge staff was a young lady who simply said, "I didn't even know there was so much green in the world" when having a look around the site.

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