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Providence Row works with homeless and vulnerably housed people in East London, offering an integrated service of crisis support, advice and training programmes.

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Finding employment and housing opportunities can feel like an uphill battle, even more so if they are affected by physical, mental health or substance misuse issues. The partnership with Berkeley Homes North East London has helped transform the lives of homeless people in East London by helping them into work and off the streets.

Over two years this support has enabled Providence Row to support 123 people to access their accredited trainee schemes. These give people the opportunity to get hands on work experience in a supportive setting. They are the only centre locally that allows people who are rough sleeping, or still managing mental health or substance misuse issues, to access this level of practical training. Around 50% of people accessing the trainee schemes will have reported still managing mental health or substance abuse issues, with 12% reporting both.

Over two years 30 people have moved into work and at least another 50 moved into further learning, training or volunteering.
In addition to fundraising, 53 BHNEL staff have volunteered their time to prepare and serve lunch to rough sleepers, help with the refurbishment of the canteen and assist in English classes. The practical support increases the capacity of the classes making 1-1 sessions possible, which in turn boosts English skills and self-confidence. A member of BHNEL staff is also a member of the Providence Row Property Sub Committee, providing his expertise to the Leadership Team and Trustee Board.