Thames Reach

Thames Reach, supported by St William, is a homelessness charity providing services to some of London's most vulnerable people.

Thames Reach Triple

Their mission is to help homeless people to find decent homes, build supportive relationships and live fulfilling lives. Thames Reach was selected as the Designated Charity for St William in 2016; a partnership that seeks to provide practical solutions to homelessness and recognise the value of employment.

At the forefront of Thame's Reach's work is London Street Rescue, a pan-London outreach service working with people sleeping rough on the streets to offer them a lifeline. This is volunteer dependent and there is a heavy reliance on the staff working for the charity's partners to fill these roles.

The staff at St William have been involved with Lambeth High Street; a project local to their office in Vauxhall. The service provides housing and support for former rough sleepers with enduring mental health problems. The garden at Lambeth High Street provides a safe and tranquil place for residents to sit in and interact with others; vital for people prone to self-isolation. Volunteers from St William are working with landscape architects and staff of the project to plan a garden design, which they can develop and maintain; leaving a legacy that residents can enjoy for years to come.

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