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You're hired: How I became a Berkeley apprentice

1st May 2016

The Berkeley Group has two apprentices working at their head office in Cobham. Rose has been working for the Berkeley Foundation since August 2014 and begun her second apprenticeship in October 2015. Rron came through the Street Elite programme and was offered a permanent position after he excelled in his two week placement. They have been taking time to learn from each other experiences and find out more about what it's like to be an apprentice at Berkeley.

RN - What apprenticeship did you do and what were your thoughts on it?
RK - The Business Administration apprenticeship I completed proved invaluable as it served as a good starting point for my future, as I now have a qualification relevant to my chosen career path. Because of my Business Administration Qualification, I have since been accepted onto a Higher Project Management Apprenticeship which has allowed me develop my skill set further. The apprenticeship gave me a great introduction of what it is like to be in a corporate workplace, something I had never experienced before.

RN - What were the benefits of you completing your apprenticeship?
RK - The main benefit of the apprenticeship was being offered a permanent role at the Berkeley Foundation but it also gave me an idea of what I wanted to do with my life and some direction. I became more organised as I was constantly working within deadline constraints. I learnt transferrable skills from the apprenticeship which I then took with me into employment and it felt fantastic to of successfully completing the apprenticeship.

RN- How did the apprenticeship prepare you for your role at Berkeley?
RK - The Berkeley Foundation works in four key areas, so there are many different aspects of our work and much to learn. In order for my assessor to mark my work, she had to understand the context of it, so I had to be able to concisely communicate this with her. This meant that I had to have a vast knowledge of the Foundation, and also that I had to work on my communication. Once I understood more about my role and organisation, I became more confident in myself and my standard of work - regarding both my apprenticeship and job.

RN - What did you enjoy most?
RK - Before the apprenticeship, I was stuck in a bit of rut and unsure what I wanted to do. I left college after the first year, so a really important part of the apprenticeship was proving to myself that I could finish something, and finish it properly. I enjoyed pushing myself, something that I hadn't done in a while and it was really enjoyable to prove that apprentices can do more than just make the tea! I am very lucky to have a supportive and knowledgeable line manager, and I enjoyed learning more about the sector with her. This gave me an insight into the kind of work I would be expected to do in the future.

RN - Would you recommend this course to others attempting to follow a similar career path?
RK - Yes, absolutely. It is a well regarded apprenticeship and provided me with a good level of base knowledge for my future employment in this role. It encouraged me to plan, develop and take ownership of my career. Without this apprenticeship, I wouldn't be progressing onto my next qualification.

RN - How did Berkeley help you start and complete your apprenticeship course?
RK - The Berkeley Foundation ultimately provided me with opportunity to prove myself; from the minute they offered me the apprenticeship I received practical, motivational and emotional support throughout. Those at the Foundation and wider parts of the business offered their advice and assistance throughout and were always helpful. Thank you Berkeley Foundation!