Our Strategy

We working in partnership to help young people overcome barriers, improve their lives and build a fairer society.

Our strategy, which runs from 2018 through to 2021, focuses our work on building a society where every young person can thrive.

The strategy is the result of six months of research and consultation with our charity partners and the wider voluntary sector with other businesses and with our founder, Berkeley Group. Throughout this process we asked ourselves two questions. What does a truly world class twenty-first century corporate foundation look like? And how can we most effectively serve our communities in London, Birmingham and the South of England?

The result is an ambitious organisational plan, with a clear set of measurable commitments.

Berkeley Foundation Strategic Plan 2018 -2021

Berkeley Foundation Strategic Plan 2018-2021

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Our priorities and commitments 


We believe in the power of long-term funding. Wherever possible we work with organisations for three years or more. This helps build trust, and provide our partners with stability and consistency. We provide funding to organisations supporting young people to improve their lives through three main routes.

Strategic Partnerships

Long-term, high value partnerships which operate on multiple levels.

Community Investment Fund

Targeting funding, aimed at supporting innovation and building evidence of what works.

Designated Charities

Partnership between Berkeley offices and local charities, focused on fundraising, volunteering and in-kind support.


01: Finding projects that will enable us to grow our total funding year on year, so that we are giving at least £3.5 million by 2021 through grants, staff fundraising and GAYE

02: Working in partnership with other funders, businesses and local authorities to develop a more collaborative approach to funding, which leverages our giving and increases its impact

03: Launching a core cost commitment which will ensure that every grant we make takes a full cost recovery approach

Adding Value

As well as funding frontline services, we also use our skills, expertise, resources and networks to create development opportunities for our partners and their beneficiaries. Our partnership with the Berkeley Group provides us with access to wide range of assets and opportunities. We can provide:

Access to skilled volunteering by Berkeley staff.

Work experience and job opportunities with Berkeley Group and its supply chain

Additional funding to help our partners build capacity and address organisational development needs.

Opportunities for networking and collaboration both between our partners and within our wider networks.


01: Developing a broader range of skilled volunteering opportunities for Berkeley staff, increasing the number of volunteer hours given across the Berkeley Group and measuring the impact of this for both charities and staff.

02: Creating more opportunities for our partners to meet, network and collaborate with each other and our wider networks.

03: Developing stronger pathways for young people taking part in Berkeley Foundation programmes to access work experience and employment opportunities with the Berkeley Group and its supply chain.

Learning and Sharing

We strive to be a learning organisation, and use what we've learned to inform and improve our own strategy and funding decisions. We also share insights and influence wider policy and practice by publishing evaluations and reports. This means

  • Working with our partners to measure the impact of our funding in a way is both rigorous and proportionate.

  • Commissioning new research where there is a lack of understanding of the issues.

  • Taking every opportunity to learn from and listening to the people and organisations we support.

We use what we've learned to inform and improve our own strategy and funding decisions, share insights and influence wider policy and practice. We do this by publishing evaluations and reports, convening events and communicating about what didn't work as well as what did. We aim to be transparent about our grant-making in order to drive improvements for ourselves, other funders and the wider sector.


01: Undertaking a long-term evaluation of the Foundation's impact, to be published in 2021. As part of this, we will develop opportunities for partner charities and their beneficiaries to give feedback on our work.

02: Creating a learning programme which provides space for our partners to share, reflect and develop their work.

03: Raising the Foundation's profile and ability to influence key stakeholders by developing and implementing a new communications strategy.

Theory of change

Our theory of change is the result of consultations with our stakeholders, including our Strategic Partners and key Berkeley staff. It sets out the change we want to bring about, and the activities we carry out to support this goal, all underpinned by the common theme of strong partnership working.

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Our values

We have strong values that run through all of the work we do. These are

Have integrity

Build trust by being open, clear and credible

Be effective

Manage our resources responsibly to generate long-term impact

Be bold

Take a creative and innovative approach to all our activities

Empower people

Work collaboratively engage others in our work and empower people to create change

Progress through learning

Take every opportunity to develop our knowledge and understanding