Anna Freud Centre

The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families has been developing and delivering pioneering mental health care for more than 65 years.

Anna Freud Triple Image

Berkeley Foundation has partnered with the Anna Freud Centre since 2018. The Centre's aim is to build resilience and to help children, young people and families with their mental wellbeing. They pilot new interventions which address mental health and wellbeing while also providing training and resources to other professionals to be more effective in their work.

We were pleased to fund the two-year States of Mind project, which supported the team to deliver a peer-mentoring programme in North London. They worked with young person and social entrepreneur Bea Herbert to forge new relationships with community-based youth organisations and deliver informative mental health training sessions to vulnerable young people.

The programme supported 90 young people, while also giving the Anna Freud Centre valuable insights into delivering peer support work in community settings. We are now building on this partnership by funding the Centre to work with Camden-based youth charity, The Winch.

This two-year project will involve peer support training and engagement work at The Winch, with Anna Freud playing a supporting role to advance the team’s capacity to use evidence-based frameworks, capture outcomes and create a whole-team approach to supporting young people. 

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