Chance UK

Chance UK uses long-term mentoring to support children experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties.

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Berkeley Foundation is supporting Chance UK to expand its newly developed, structured mentoring programme in Southwark over a three-year period. The charity will work with 30 children aged 8-12 who are experiencing emotional and behavioural challenges.

The My Future mentoring programme offers weekly one-to-one mentoring sessions where mentor and child follow a curriculum of activities alongside attending structured group activities over a nine-month period. The organisation provides support to parents and access to positive activities for families to experience together.

This work aims to equip children with the tools to regulate their own emotions and behaviour in a safe environment supported by a trusted adult. This enables the child to positively engage with education whilst reducing the risk of involvement in anti-social behaviour and the likelihood of them developing mental health problems in the longer term.

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