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The Imperial College Reach Out Makerspace programme aims to enable young people to take their creative ideas and turn them into reality through a range of programmes where they can design and prototype new ideas.

Our three year partnership with Imperial College London is inspiring children from White City to engage in STEM. The Maker Challenge (14-18 yrs.) and Proto Maker Challenge (11-14 yrs.) programmes bring young people's ideas and imagination to life through a series of workshops at the Makerspace building in White City. The Makerspace is fitted with modern tools and equipment not available in most schools, from 3D printers to laser cutters and with Imperial College London staff and students providing practical support and expertise.

Today's employers are looking for people with skills, ideas and confidence to use technology creatively in the workplace in response to real-world challenges. Through our three year partnership, the programme will give 750 children aged 11-18 the chance to gain confidence and new skills by developing practical skills in design, innovation, manufacturing and entrepreneurship.