Khulisa is an award-winning charity supporting excluded or marginalised young people whose behaviour is deemed challenging or antisocial in schools.

Who We Support, Khulisa Montage

Khulisa supports young people in schools and pupil referral units by delivering its intensive, therapeutic group programme, Face It, directly to young people, and working with school staff to implement a ‘whole-school’ approach to mental health.

By tackling poor mental health and wellbeing Khulisa addresses the root cause for many young people – Trauma. A child who has had four or more traumatic experiences is 15 times more likely to exhibit violence and 20 times more likely to be imprisoned.

Khulisa builds the social and emotional skills of young people through a mixture of drama-therapy, small group and 1:1 sessions, while training the adults around them on how to create nurturing environments where pupils can thrive.

Our partnership will support the charity’s work across eight London schools, including the expansion of their whole school approach to three additional partner schools by the end of the project. Funding will also contribute towards the development of a new pilot with young offenders in secure schools.

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