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MERU (Medical Engineering Resource Unit)

MERU (Medical Engineering Resource Unit), supported by Berkeley Homes Southern, manufactures specialist equipment for children and young people with disabilities.

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MERU is part of the QEF family of charities. MERU designs and manufactures life-changing specialist equipment for children and young people with disabilities. The equipment is engineered and personalised to the individual's needs and disability. Often the disabilities are so complex that there is nothing else available to meet the individual's needs.

Funds raised by Berkeley Homes Southern in 2016/17 have supported MERU's Bugzi project. Bugzi powered wheelchairs offer children with severe disabilities the opportunity to live, learn and have fun. They are able to experience independent mobility for the first time in their lives.

Through furniture sales, go-karting days and a Great Berkeley Bake-Off, Berkeley Homes Southern staff have raised enough in the last year alone to support the development and build of seven new Bugzis, each allocated to a child under the age of 6. This equipment will revolutionise the children's lives and support their growth and development.