The Foyer Federation

The Foyer Federation is a network organisation with a membership of over 70 Foyers across the U.K. Foyers provide a place to live, learn and work for young people who are unable to live at home.

Foyer Triple

The Foyer Federation uses an Advantaged Thinking approach that focuses on young people's assets to increase the odds of them moving-on from Foyers to independent living. Its ultimate ambition is to break the cycle of youth homelessness and support these young people to realise their power and purpose.

Foyer residents are some of the most resilient individuals of their generation. They have undiscovered potential that has been suppressed due to the multiple challenges they have personally experienced. Examples of hurdles residents face includes; lived experience of homelessness, family breakdown, involvement with the criminal justice system, seeking asylum and fleeing violence. Around only a third are in any form of education, training or employment when they enter a Foyer, and in addition only have limited exposure to any career opportunities.

With Berkeley Foundation support, the Corporate Connections project will broker partnerships between 14 Foyers in the South East and ten local employers in order to facilitate 100 mentoring, work experience and shadow day opportunities. The funding will also deliver staff training to ensure Foyer staff are trained in the charity's Advantaged Thinking approach to preparing young people for work. The project aims to inspire career aspirations, increase the chances of a positive move-on for a Foyer resident and provide the tools that can lead to a positive independent adulthood.

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